Creative Factory is not a building


Creative Factory is an idea. By putting artists and creative thinking at the core of our approach, our factory will make new opportunities for Middlesbrough, where artists are not only welcomed, but listened to, nurtured, developed, supported, and given a much wider perception of success and a broader understanding of what a long term career can be.


Let us know what you need, what you would like to do and how we can all work better together.

What we do

Creative Factory is where being creative is work, where artists get paid and are valued members of society, contributing to Middlesbrough’s future.

Since August 2018, we have created 50 artist commissions; over 100 artist bursaries; 30 free mentoring places; given 3 year-long free studios (with Navigator North) and supported organisations such as The Auxiliary Warehouse, Platform A Gallery, RoRo Studio, Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough Art Weekender, Newmarch Workshops & Start Studio.

We produced a film about Middlesbrough’s Orange Pip Market, consulted about the Southlands Centre; developed plans for Middlesbrough’s city centre; Newham Grange Farm; sponsored a music festival, worked on a cultural strategy; created an art rental plan and new commissions for Middlesbrough Council’s office and are developing a public art plan for Boro.

We’ve invested in a tool & equipment library, a young people’s group and a mental health awareness campaign plus a new creative community hub in the town centre which attracted 4000 people in 40 days. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the hard work that the organisations and artists have done in making Creative Factory a vital resource for Middlesbrough.

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