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01/12/2019 text by:- nicky peacock
Nicky Peacock Q and A


  1. Where are you based and how long have you been there?

I’m based in Middlesbrough and I’ve been here forever.

  1. Where do you work? Studio, home, kitchen table, cafes, elsewhere? Tell us a bit about your workspace / work habits, etc.

I work at home and always have – I’ve never had a separate studio. Sometimes I work late at night so being home has always suited me.

  1. What does 'success' mean to you?
    For me personally, it means making a good living from my practice, being well-respected in the industry and my community, and enjoying what I’m doing.

  2. Do you earn a living from making art? If not, or only partially, what else do you do?

I do earn a living from my practice although there were many years I couldn’t ever see myself saying that. Everything changes when you realise your worth.

  1. What makes good art?

Authenticity, passion, surprise, beauty, horror.


  1. What have you been up to recently? Tell us about any recent exhibitions, projects, residencies, etc.

Lots going on at the moment; artist residency with Thirteen just about to begin, working as Creative Director on a few placemaking projects, and this week I’m working on a piece for an upcoming mima show.


  1. What have you got coming up, exhibitions, residencies, studio etc?

I haven’t exhibited for ages, but lately, I think I’d like to. I’m a bit of an old lady now so maybe I need to do a retrospective before I drop dead.


  1. What, if any, are the main barriers you come across?

Self-doubt. The number one nemesis. It gets better as you get older.

  1. How do you feel about the current and future state of art in Middlesbrough / UK

I think there’s a very cool scene in Middlesbrough right now, partly because of Creative Factory which seems to be mobilizing folks in a really interesting way. We have always been way cooler than we know and that is part of our Teesside charm!

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